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Chemical Dosages

Posted On: May 15, 2015

chemdoseThe Hydro AutoDose Dispensing System is a foolproof way to keep chemical dosage precise and at timed intervals. When there’s no room for human error in a busy restaurant, it’s an effortless way to keep grease traps maintained and drains from backing up. The AutoDose’s reliability makes it every professional kitchen owner’s dream turned reality with it’s simple programming and affordable price. Housed in a corrosion resistant cabinet, the Hydro AutoDose is durable and sealed against moisture. Simply mount on top of a 5-gallon pail, choose between an AC power adapter and/or eight D-size batteries, program flow rate/dispense volume/frequency, and clear your conscious knowing the job is under control. Now bask in the amazement of your first robot employee! Hard-working, keeps to himself and doesn’t request a paycheck!