Blog August 2017

Making Packaging More Eco-Friendly

Posted On: August 27, 2017

Many businesses have started rethinking the materials they use while packaging their products. The days of heavy plastics and potentially hazardous materials are ending as businesses are favoring more eco-friendly "green" packaging methods. Consumers are also more conscious of their carbon footprints and want to make environmentally friendly changes with the products they buy. Businesses have taken notice by changing their ways and are making positive impacts with their customers and the environment. 

How Can I Make Greener Packaging?

Businesses have to see their current packaging procedures through a wide lens before taking action. Most packaging systems have many components that could be improved. Current packaging materials, energy efficiency, and waste management are some variables to consider when making eco-friendly production changes.

Recycling Materials

One of the most popular and easy packaging changes a business can make is by using recycled materials. Using paper, steel or aluminum based packaging greatly reduces waste. Since these materials can be repurposed for many needs, they may also cut down production and replenishing costs. When consumers buy these products, knowing the material used in the packaging also helps them easier sort their waste at home for recycling pick-ups. 

Minimizing & "Right Sizing" Materials

Another variable to take into account is how large the packaging container is compared to the size of the product inside. Although large packaging is more noticeable, it is more wasteful and costly. By using less material AND using recycled material, businesses can make two significant impacts on the environment as well as their profit margins.

Preventing Consumer Waste

By creating packaging that allows consumers to reuse it for different purposes, there is less waste after its initial use and multi-purpose recycled packaging will attract consumers. Environmentally conscious people prefer not to dispose items after one use. By creating packaging that lets consumers keep using the same container, it will help create rapport your business and your customers.

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