Blog December 2017

Importance of Clean Baby Changing Stations

Posted On: December 27, 2017

When a parent has a small child, keeping that child healthy and free from germs is of utmost concern. And when that small child inevitably dirties his or her diaper, that parent must find a place to clean up. Oftentimes, public baby changing stations are in poor condition and could likely lead to that parent not returning to that facility after that initial use. A comfortable public restroom with a clean baby station could keep customers coming through that door.

Frequent cleaning by the facility manager is paramount in maintaining the upkeep of baby stations. Far too often parents leave the station worse than how they found it. With this frequent use, baby changing stations can become a breeding ground for numerous germs and bacteria arising mainly from fecal matter, like salmonella. Due to this, baby changing stations should be cleaned periodically throughout the day. Babies are more susceptible to germs, so consistently applying proper cleaning principles to baby changing stations is of vital importance.

Several regulations are in place to monitor baby changing stations. How high they must be above the floor, how far they can be from the wall (opened or closed), how much weight they can safely carry, and other viable configurations for when wall space is limited are among some of the regulations. Some health and safety features should be built in, like safety straps for securing the baby, disposable table liners and smooth, hidden hinges. These regulations are only required by federal buildings, as other facilities merely have baby changing stations as a courtesy to the customer. But that does not mean that they should be held to a lower standard. Maintaining baby changing stations could bring back customers and keep them happy while out. And besides, who is to say that these regulations, which are only for federal buildings, do not eventually work their way into more types of buildings.

Ensure your customers have the best in baby changing stations and is clean and free of bacteria. Baby changing stations with antimicrobial protection will be one step ahead of the game and be protecting children from harmful bacteria and germs.

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