Tips to Avoid Getting the Flu

Jan 18, 2018

Nobody wants to get the flu. Recently, the Center for Disease Control released an official health advisory for all Americans 6 months and older. This advisory stated the need for those Americans to get vaccinated for the flu. Since the flu strain is constantly changing, it is difficult to accurately pinpoint the exact strain of flu that could cause you harm. Here are seven places to be wary of in public that could be harboring harmful germs. Some of your more standard places are on the list, like subway turnstiles and gym equipment, but one area might be surprising and that the soap dispenser in a public restroom.

Soap dispensers in a bathroom are dirtier than they may realize, as the liquid soap itself can become contaminated. One study, published in the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology, found that one in every four dispenser machines used in public restrooms are contaminated with bacteria and even fecal matter. To avoid germ hubs like this, washing your hands with soap from dispensers that uses sealed refills can greatly reduce the bacteria from getting on your hands. If you are a real germophone, bringing your own soap and hand sanitizers will ease those concerns.

So make sure your soap dispensers have sealed refills, because those that do not are susceptible to contracting harmful germs, which could in turn lead to the flu. Check out our janitorial section for our selection of soap dispensers and hand sanitizers to keep you, your employees and your customers healthy and germ free.