Tamper Evident Containers & Packaging

  • Crystal Seal reFresh | Tamper-Evident Containers by Placon
    • Placon Crystal Seal® reFresh™ tamper-evident packages focus on the food and its freshness with quality designs, secure seals and exceptional clarity.
    • Made from recycled PET bottles and thermoforms and 100% recyclable, it’s amazingly versatile, multi-use packaging that allows you to market your commitment to a sustainable future.
    • It’s FDA-approved, extends the freshness of your food, and offers excellent clarity—because seeing your food is just as important as seeing that your packaging is sustainable.

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  • Custom Takeout Corrugated Boxes, Corrugated Catering Boxes, and Corrugated | Coffee Boxes by PBI Sales

    Hot and Cold beverage containers are made with durable corrugated, one-way containers, no retrieval costs. Easy to fill insulated nylon bag keeps coffee and other non-carbonated beverages hot or cold for 2+ hours.Catering Carriers are decorative for presentation.

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  • Fresh ’n Clear™ GoCubes | Takeout Food Containers by Placon
    • Placon’s Fresh ‘n Clear™ GoCubes recycled PET cubed or “square” containers can be combined with the universal, 3-compartment insert tray offering more versatility and merchandising options than you’ve ever had from a stock thermoformed food container.

    • Available in 5 ultra-sleek sizes from 12 to 36 oz.

    • GoCubes bases can be used alone or with the insert letting you separate and highlight specific ingredients while keeping foods looking better and tasting fresher, longer.

    • The one-size-fits-all recycled EcoStar® PET lid offers a secure seal with an easy opening tab and crystal clear anti-fog technology. With GoCubes containers it’s hip to be square.


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  • Fresh ’n Clear™ Selectables | Takeout Food Containers by Placon
    • Placon’s Fresh ‘n Clear™ Selectables bowls, inserts and lids give you the convenience you need and your customers the choices they want.
    • Use clear or black bases alone—or get creative with 1- to 3-compartment, portion control inserts that highlight the freshest ingredients while increasing shelf life.
    • Film-seal pre-made meals or use our crystal clear lids made from EcoStar® recycled PET to showcase both the food and your commitment to sustainability.
    • Selectables let you decide the best way to showcase fresh salads and pre-made meals. Use the clear or black inserts to highlight everything from seasonal cut fruit and candied nuts to delicious meats and cheeses.

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  • Fresh ’n Clear™ Trays & Lids | Takeout Food Containers by Placon
    • Crystal-clear recycled PETE construction with multiple size containers.
    • Smooth lid and base for easy labeling. Two lid options.
    • Food stays fresher longer, giving you more satisfied customers and repeat sales.
    • The contents are beautifully displayed and attract more attention on the shelf.
    • One container can hold almost anything, from fragile produce to hearty non-perishables.

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  • Fresh-n-Clear™ Bowls & Lids | Takeout Food Containers by Placon
    • Display cases not only look attractive and appealing, but space is maximized.

    • Tight-fitting, leak-resistant lids help extend shelf life while preventing spills in the store as well as on the go.

    • Stackable containers make merchandising easy and secure; nestable for cost-effective shipping and storage.
    • Choose from three lid designs—flat lid, flat lid with wave design or dome lid for extra room.
    • All bowls available in black or crystal clear EcoStar® post-consumer, recycled PET.

    • Compartment bowls’ center cups fit most major manufacturers’ 4 oz. portion cups. Perfect for parties and snacks on the go.

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  • Inline Plastics Automation For Safe-T-Fresh Tamper Evident Containers

    -Increased performance n Increased user friendliness and Reduced cost
    Speed and Agility
    -8oz. – 16oz. containers processed at rates up to 200 units per minute. 50 -100 units per minute on larger 20oz. – 64oz. containers
    -Continuous motion machine allows for random product feeding
    -Easy of Use

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  • Inline Plastics Corp 2014 Catalog

    Inline Plastics’ containers nest top to bottom allowing for the construction of
    eye-catching merchandising displays while conserving valuable shelf space. Lids overlap the container base to keep out unwanted crumbs or other dirt/debris. Embossing capabilities allow for increased branding opportunities and logo/message development.

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  • Inline Plastics Safety Fresh Containers & Tamper Evident Packaging

    Inline Plastics Safety Fresh Containers & Tamper Evident Packaging

    The unique, patented Safe-T-Gard® tamper-resistant locking mechanism and perimeter seal, lock in freshness; extending the life of your products. Offer your customers a real difference!
    Safe-T-Fresh® is the standard of tamper evidence.

    As The Original Innovator of Tamper-Evident, Tamper-Resistant Clamshell Containers, Inline Plastics has the experience and product innovation that outperforms market imitators

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  • Pak-Sher Leftover Wine Bag

    Never let one drop go to waste! Give your customers a convenient way to carry their wine home and see improved profits from your wine cellars. They have an easy-to-carry handle and a clear tamper evident seal is available.

    Attractive, elegant graphics and heavy duty plastic, which can be customized with your logo! 300 case minimum. Up to 4c2s line or screen printing.

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  • Post Consumer Recycled PET Takeout Food Containers by Bottlebox

    Our range of hinged containers will cover all your needs from small 6×6” to large 9×9” and several rectangular versions. Clear, black or colored, they are perfect for your deli, to-go display, or as doggy boxes. Try our new one-piece containers with black or colored bases and clear lids. They are sure to draw your customers’ attention and make your food look even better.

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  • Sabert Square Bowl

    -Crystal clear lids present food for maximum visibility and appetite appeal

    -Comparison based on traditional round bowls of comparable volume capacity

    -Crack and crush resistant design provides added security for transportation

    -Pop-tight lids deliver the ultimate in leak resistance for secure handling

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The Complete Package is a nationwide distributor of many great eco-friendly food packaging products, including plastic processor packaging. For more information about our tamper-evident food containers and packaging, please contact us today. We will happily answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding our line of eco-friendly products. We are a trusted supplier of green food packaging items that are biodegradable and made from recycled materials. When you reach out, you can request some free samples.