Custom Cup Template

  • 20 oz Double Wall Hot Cup Template

    20HT- Straight

    Details: Line Screens: 3 color press: 65 Ipi | 6 color press: 100-120 Ipi
    · Minimum Rule: (positive) is .5 pt | (reverse) is 1 pt
    · Minimum Type: (positive) is 6 pt | (reverse) is 8 pt Fonts should not contain thin     areas. The thinnest area should be no smaller than .007"
    · Trap: Do not trap artwork. Trap amount is art and press dependent and is between   .015" - .03"
    · Tints and gradients recommended 2%-100%
    · Bar Codes no smaller than 80%

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  • 20 oz Paper Cold Cup Template | by Karat

    20 oz. Paper Cold Cup for Custom Printing 

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