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The Complete Package is a nationwide distributor of custom eco-friendly food packaging and products. Wholesale pricing options available. Some of the biggest cities in on the green revolution are Boston, New York City, Washington DC, San Francisco and Los Angeles. For more information about our selection of eco-friendly products, please contact us today. We will gladly answer any questions you may have about our selection of products, as well as our purchasing details. When you reach out, we can provide you with some samples for many of our different eco-friendly items.

  • Compostable Takeout Containers and Compostable Catering Supplies by Eco Products

    A new decade is a time when people are motivated to take stock, reflect
    on the past, and envision their future, and we’re no dierent. We know
    the ways of the past are not the ways of the future, and we make it our
    mission to be on the front lines of change. Here are some of the goals
    we’re tackling as we take on 2020 and beyond:

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  • Ice Cold Polypro Drink Cups by Berry Plastics

    Berry’s Ice Cold drink cup family offers a simple, stock solution for operators and a sustainability story relevant to today’s consumers. These widely-recyclable cups are printed with fresh graphics that may evoke feelings of happiness and adventure as consumers enjoy their cold drinks. Berry’s Ice Cold drink cup family are great alternatives to banned polystyrene foam drink cups. 

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  • Planetguards Compostable Disposable Gloves by Handguards

    Planetgards® Compostable Gloves provide a new way to care for the environment while securing food safety. Comfortable and durable, each pair is a quality tool for completing foodservice tasks such as making sandwiches, prepping salads, serving pastries, cafeteria service and more. After use, Planetgards® Compostable Gloves can be given a new life as compost, since these gloves are made of material certified to degrade in a commercial composting facility.

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  • Sticky Thermal Paper Labels by Iconex

    Iconex Sticky Media consists of two products in one, receipt paper and a linerless pressure-sensitive label, and provides a solution to efficiently label, identify and track goods all in one product. Customizable to your operations. Costs the same as, or less than, common labeling methods. Extends the cutter life by 67%, because the printer cuts through paper, not adhesive. A restaurant serving 150 orders per day, could save $1600 per store, per year on average. 

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