Restaurant Take Out Containers

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  • 3 Compartment Fiber Taco Clamshell

    There are three separate sections, allowing your tacos to stand upright and be easily carried out by your customers. 

    • 100% Compostable
    • Perforated Hinged Lid
    • 300/Case
    • Sturdy, strong and eco-friendly

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  • Compostable Divided Insert | by Sabert
    • 100% Recyclable and Compostable
    • Multiple base and lid options allow for a variety of configurations for any application.

    • Ensure customers take home the very best in food presentation.
    • Perfect for dine in, takeout and delivery

    • Designed to fit multiple base options
    • Perfect for tacos, wraps, pitas and more

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  • Embraceable™ Takeout Container Platter & Dome | by Anchor Packaging
    • Black polypropylene platter will withstand temperatures up to 230°F under heatlamps, in warming units/tunnels or in microwave. Capacity: 25 oz.
    • Holds 8 oz. paper food container in place with locator ring in bottom.
    • The "no lid" dome, with full perimeter seal, holds the paper cup in place and eliminates need for extra flat cup lid.
    • Leak resistant closure around the outside of platter prevents messy spills.

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  • EZ Tear Perforated French Fry Bags | by Bagcraft
    • Innovative horizontal perforation provides quick access in one
    • EZ Tear motion, result is a one-of-a-kind compact “bag tray”
    • „Perf position is adjustable and can yield different “bag tray” heights to satisfy many applications
    • Currently offered on our popular 4# SOS grease resistant bag

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  • Gourmet Classics Takeout Containers | by Anchor Packaging

    Anti-fogging, tear-away lids. Easy to open and close. Durable and recyclable PET. Stackable. Despite all these rich features, the new Gourmet Classics are surprisingly affordable. Unique stacking feature keeps container secure without blocking the double vents in the lid, designed to allow steam to escape more freely to reduce condensation buildup.

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  • Grab and Go Takeout Boxes | by Colpac

    Clasp Seal Trays come in 4 designs that can be used for a variety of Grab-n-Go items:

    • Baguette sandwiches
    • Sub sandwiches
    • Flat bread sandwiches
    • Sliders
    • Kaiser roll sandwiches
    • Cinnamon rolls
    • Bakery goods
    • Tortilla wraps
    • Bread sandwiches
    • Bun sandwiches

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  • GreenBox Pizza Box

    The GreenBox pizza box (featured on ABC’s Shark Tank, CBS’s Rachael Ray Show etc.) is a multi-functional, eco-friendly pizza box that transforms into four plates & a handy container for leftovers, eliminating the need for wasteful storage materials like disposable plates, plastic wrap & aluminum foil.  Our product is available in 10”, 12”, 14”, 16” and 18”, is customizable to any size and can be produced with artwork in up to four colors on either kraft or white. 

    We like to think of it as the pizza box of the 21st century.

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  • HFA Extra Deep Half & Full Size Steam Table Pans

    HFA has revolutionized the aluminum steam table segmentwith new, Tru-Fit™ sizes* designed for optimal fit, enhanced capacity and ideal performance!


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  • HFA Full Curl Steam Table Lids

    Full Curl Lids Now Available in Both Full Size & Half Size


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  • HFA Full Size and Half Size Extra Deep Aluminum Steam Table Pans for Catering

    The world’s first EXTRA-DEEP full and 1/2 steam table pans with patent pending TRU-FIT™ design technology.  Traditional 1/2 size extra deep pan is too tall for traditional full size pan.  Traditional full size pan is too shallow to allow additional capacity.

    • Tru-Fit™ patent pending design technology
    • Reconstructed for better nesting of 1/2 size steam pans
    • Larger capacity = greater efficiency and less labor to replenish food
    • Ready to go packaging and better presentation
    • Now allows for full lid to cover entire package.

    Tru-Fit™ design extended to full line of industry’s leading items. HFA has revolutionized the aluminum steam table segment with new, Tru-Fit™ sizes* designed for optimal fit, enhanced capacity and ideal performance.

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  • Hudson Bag & Box Custom Printed Millenary Boxes

    The word “Millinery” refers to a myriad of box styles and shapes.
    • Traditional Round & Oval “Hat” Boxes
    • Rigid Set Up Boxes
    • Wrapped & Ready Folding Boxes
    • Rigid and Combination, 2 piece Interchangeable Boxes
    • Rectangular, Cube, Heart & Octagonal Boxes
    • Hinged & Metal Edge Boxes

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We carry a full line of restaurant takeout containers. If you do not see what you would like on our website, please give us a call or email us.