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The Complete Package is a trusted provider of quality restaurant supplies. Many of these items are eco-friendly products and made out of recycled products. Our supplies range from trash bags, to food containers, to hand sanitizers. Running a restaurant or food service is hard work enough, but we strive to make that process run a little more smoothly.

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  • 2017 Product Collection Guide By VerTerra

    Apart from being BPI-certified compostable, tests have shown that soil containing VerTerra compost enhances plant growth by over 15%.  VerTerra products can withstand hot food, liquids and oils. Aside from acting as a natural insulator, our dinnerware will not leak or impart taste. Our dinnerware is made from fallen palm leaves (that would otherwise be burned), steam, heat and pressure. No plants or trees are cut or harmed during this process. VerTerra Dinnerware can withstand up to 2 minutes in the microwave on a high heat setting or up to 45 minutes in the oven on 350° as long as they are at least 6” from the heat source. VerTerra Dinnerware will naturally biodegrade at home or in an industrial compost without using chemical agents.

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  • 3 Compartment Fiber Taco Clamshell Container

    There are three separate sections, allowing your tacos to stand upright and be easily carried out by your customers. Clamshells are 100% Compostable

    Perforated Hinged Lid. Sturdy, strong and eco-friendly. 300/Case

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  • Aerosol Mr Muscle Oven & Grill Cleaner by SC Johnson

    Mr Muscle ® Foaming Oven & Grill Cleaner helps make tough cleaning as easy as possible. Its foam formula assists your oven cleaning efforts by removing baked-on soils so you can wipe them all away. It cleans the following areas/surfaces in your facility: Cast iron, ceramics, glass, porcelain, and stainless steel

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  • Aluminum Pans and Foil Products by HFA

    Handi-foil of America, Inc., or HFA, a leading manufacturer of aluminum containers and roll foil products, has been honored with UniPro's Supplier of the Year Award in the Disposable Category. Products include: Steam Table Pans, Steam Table Lids, Food Service Roll Foil, Interfolded Foil Sheets, Food Service Film, Gourmet-To-Go Containers, Lids, and Combo Packs, and much more...

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  • Burger and Sandwich Grab & Eat Bag by McNairn Packaging

    Bags are ideal for serving, eating, and catering. Natural Kraft & Grease Resistant.

    Natural Kraft & Grease Resistant 5.5”x1.5”x3.5”


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  • Compostable Fiber Fruit Trays and Compostable Fiber Meat Trays by Total Packaging Solutions

    Total Packaging Solutions continues its commitment to bringing new eco-friendly packaging to the food industry. Recently announced – a new line of 100% compostable trays for packaging meats and produce.

    TPS compostable packaging trays are made from natural fiber which is a renewable plant resource.  Renewable fiber is becoming a popular material for packaging manufacturers looking to reduce the impact their products have on the environment.  Specifically deforestation in the case of paper products, and pollution and swollen land fills due to petroleum based packaging materials like Styrofoam.

    The new trays from Total Packaging Solutions are sturdy, functional, and can be easily substituted into meat and produce packaging operations to give their products a ‘green’ seal of approval.  The trays are designed for the food industry so they are food-safe, freezer & microwave safe.

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  • Custom Printed Paper 9” x 12” Tray Liner by Hoffmaster

    Promote your business! Make your brand stand out! Due to the popular use of quarter sheet trays in Foodservice, Hoffmaster® now offers a custom 9" x 12" Tray Liner. This is the same tissue we use for our current Custom Basket Liners / Sandwich Wraps, made out of 18 lb. waxed tissue. 

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  • Grab and Go Takeout Boxes by Colpac

    Clasp Seal Trays come in 4 designs that can be used for a variety of Grab-n-Go items, which include sandwiches, rolls, and wraps. 

    Such sandwiches include: baguette sandwiches, sub sandwiches, flat bread sandwiches, kaiser roll sandwiches, bread sandwiches and bun sandwiches,

    Other items include sliders, cinnamon rolls, bakery goods and tortilla wraps.

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  • Inline Plastics Corp 2014 Catalog

    Inline Plastics’ containers nest top to bottom allowing for the construction of
    eye-catching merchandising displays while conserving valuable shelf space. Lids overlap the container base to keep out unwanted crumbs or other dirt/debris. Embossing capabilities allow for increased branding opportunities and logo/message development.

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  • Inline Plastics New Tamper Evident Sandwich Container TS5X5-1

    Robust Safe-T-Fresh Hinge prevents damage during transit and handling. Containers sturdy, stackable design features provide greater stability for multi-level merchandising.

    Highest quality PET Material and minimal ribbing allow a superior clear view that highlights your product.

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If you are a food service professional looking for high quality restaurant supplies, The Complete Package is your best option. We offer a wide range of products to suit all your food service needs. From heavy duty garbage bags to food containers to hand dryers, we have it all. Running a restaurant is hard enough, but with us you will get easy and manageable restaurant supplies.

We pride ourselves on having quality eco-friendly products. We have a great selection of items made out of recycled materials for you to choose from. We make helping the environment easy with our line of supplies. Perfect for any restaurant or food service interested in eco-friendly products.

If you would like a product that you do not see on our website, please give us a call or email us.