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  • Biopak Earthplus Recycled Content Takeout Containers

    Food containers are offered in a variety of smaller sizes for better portion control. They can hold all types of foods effectively and are cost effective.

    • Highest quality and image in foodservice
    • Leak resistant: holds foods; sauces and gravies
    • Microwaveable
    • Heat lamp resistant
    • User and consumer friendly
    • Retains heat and vents steam effectively
    • Poly-coated interior
    • Reduces heat loss
    • Cut resistant
    • Stackable
    • Flaps open wide to allow customers free access to the food
    •One-piece design requires no assembly—eliminates container and lid inventory issues.

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  • Bridge-Gate Crystal Gourmet Food Containers
    Bridge-Gate is proud to offer the Crystal Gourmet line of Food Grade Containers. Our lids are manufactured from recycled PET beverage bottles, and are recyclable. The containers are fully compostable, produced from our unique Biopulping technology.
    Crystal Gourmet will attract consumers who are sensitive to the environment and demand eco-friendly products. In addition, the containers are durable, yet lightweight – ideal for cold foods, such as sandwiches, salads, and fruits.

    Most single-serve plastic bottles are made of PET, a safe, light- weight, low-cost, recyclable plastic. Traditional PET plastic is made using fossil fuels, like petroleum and natural gas. By transforming PET beverage bottles into clear lids, Crystal Gourmet is saving energy, landll space, and reducing green-house gases.

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  • C-Thru Display Bags | by Novolex

    Wide-view panel window focuses consumers eye on product to increase impulse sales

    Projects artisan “home-made” appearance which adds to product appeal

    Dubl Fresh® barrier paper controls air flow and locks in freshness when bag is sealed

    Design provides a perfect balance of branding and product visibility for increased sales

    Paper bottom patch seal improves product freshness and bag stability for merchandising

    “Grab-n-go” design can be secured with one hand for improved customer convenience

    Locks in moisture but also controls the airflow to extend the freshness of bakery products when the bag is folded twice and sealed with a label

    Wax-free barrier paper technology also provides a smooth surface to the paper which can improve the look & quality of custom print designs

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  • Dart RPET Recycled Content Cups

    Dart Re-PETE Clear Cups Do you drink bottled water? Of course you do! Reduce your carbon footprint by putting your iced beverages in an affordable, post consumer recycled content cup! Truly a great price point!

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  • Moducup Sustainacup Paper Coffee Cups

    Moducup Sustainacup Paper Coffee Cups– Recycled content coffee cups make a better cup of coffee. MODUCUP is rooted in preserving our trees, rather than drinking from them.

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  • Post-Consumer Recycled PET Plastic Containers | by Bottle Box

    Sustainability has always been one of the main driving forces for us at Direct Pack, Inc. As the proud founder of the BOTTLEBOX® – the original range of food packaging made from recycled PET plastic - we use millions of beverage bottles to create a line of packaging that not only looks stylish, but makes it easier for us all to do our part in closing the loop. By using the BOTTLEBOX®, you help save beverage bottles from landfills and oceans, and when your customers are done, they can recycle the containers again.

      From full service restaurants and fast casual chains to contract feeders and neighborhood cafés – our experts have in-depth knowledge of optimizing packaging for all types of foodservice locations. We carry a wide range of containers for both hot and cold food.z
      Having been involved in many of the most successful retail packaging programs in the market today, our experts will help you make the most out of your space. We offer innovative packaging with great merchandising effects for the deli, bakery and grab-and-go.
      Whether you are packing large volumes of food in an automated or manual environment, our knowledgeable and creative team can tackle any production related challenge. We offer functional and good-looking containers for hummus, dips, salads and more.
      We have a deep understanding of the highly seasonal and time sensitive produce business. Besides ensuring on-time delivery, our team has many years of hands-on experience with developing optimal packaging for a wide variety of fresh berries, fruits and vegetables.

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  • Product Guide | by Atlas Paper Bag

    Atlas Paper Bag Co. Ltd. is committed to delivering world-class quality packaging products at competitive prices, while providing our customers with consistently excellent service on budget and on time.

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  • Recycled Content and Compostable Takeout Containers, Coffee Cups, Cold Beverage Cups, Cutlery | by EcoProducts
    • Our newest plates, bowls & clamshells are made from durable, lightweight, and compostable wheat straw—a byproduct leftover from harvesting wheat.
    • Made from renewable plant materials that can be grown again and again.  Not made from oil like traditional plastics.
    • Better materials, fewer and fewer virgin plastics, and more transparency as a business.
    • Custom Prints are a great way for you to promote your organization, brand or event while also encouraging waste diversion, sustainability, and smart purchasing.

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  • Sabert GAP Bento Brochure


    94%* believe plastic food packaging adds value and creates a more upscale presentation
    67%* prefer the convenience of unhinged (2-piece) food packaging
    76%* believe ease of transportation and presentation add value to a snack/entrée
    59%* say convenient, to-go packaging solutions influence their purchasing decision
    96%** of consumers purchase at least one sandwich per week
    75%*** of consumers purchase grab-and-go menu items at least once a month
    79%**** of operators said they offer portable menu items, up 6% since 2010

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  • Sensation Smart Lock Clear Hinged Lids | by Pactiv
    • The Sensation line has an updated design, its modern, upscale aesthetic not only enhances the product view, but optimizes container strength.
    • TheSmartLock® audible click closure system, excellent perimeter seal and smooth front panel are standard features on the new product.
    • Audible Click Closure indicates a secure lock which helps to maintain freshness.
    • Perimeter Seal seals the entire container for maximum product freshness and leak-resistance.
    • Stack Stabilizers add strength for more secure stacking, enhancing merchandising.
    • Product Clarity Modern, upscale aesthetic maximizes the view of the product inside.
    • Smooth Front Panel Provides ideal placement of labeling.
    • Optimized Cube Utilization Packs Efficient case packs for shipping.

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