Catering & Event Planning

  • 3 Compartment Fiber Taco Clamshell

    There are three separate sections, allowing your tacos to stand upright and be easily carried out by your customers. 

    • 100% Compostable
    • Perforated Hinged Lid
    • 300/Case
    • Sturdy, strong and eco-friendly

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  • Baskets and Packaging Supply Catalog
    Baskets for Catering, Raffia, and Bows from Watson Trading: For your convenience, recommended shrink bag sizes are listed with each basket throughout the catalog based on overwrap and underwrap.
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  • Black Polypropylene Catering Half Pan | by Sabert
    • Durable: extra-strength, ribbed polypropylene catering pan securely holds hot and heavy foods without bending
    • Performance: robust and stackable designed to make back of house prep, transit and storage easy
    • Versatile: ready to serve from container designed to fit in chafing rack and keep warm over stem tray
    • Sustainable: Both tray and lid are made from polypropylene offering a completely recyclable solution for hot food catering

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  • Compostable Cutlery, Hot Cups, Cold Cups, White Fiber Plates, and White Fiber Containers | by Stalkmarket

    Stalkmarket® is the leading supplier of 100% compostable plant-based coffee cups, lids, tableware, cutlery and food packaging. The heaviest, most functional line of sugarcane products in the market today. Stalkmarket brand molded pulp is widely considered the industry standard. All natural fiber and GMO free.

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  • Compostable Divided Insert | by Sabert
    • 100% Recyclable and Compostable
    • Multiple base and lid options allow for a variety of configurations for any application.

    • Ensure customers take home the very best in food presentation.
    • Perfect for dine in, takeout and delivery

    • Designed to fit multiple base options
    • Perfect for tacos, wraps, pitas and more

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  • Disposable Hammered Cutlery | Catering Collection by Sabert

    Designed to enhance any tabletop setting, Sabert’s new Hammered Cutlery redefines style and design in catering disposables. A unique combination of our classic silver look accented with an intricate hammered pattern, Sabert’s Hammered Cutlery offers the perfect balance of style for casual and formal entertaining.

    Innovative: A stainless steel coating crafted with an intricate hammered pattern

    Performance: Enhanced neck and tine strength offer superior performance

    Versatile: Conveniently disposable and ideal for any occasion
    Aesthetics: A modern, contemporary design enhances any tabletop setting

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  • Disposable Square Tumblers | by Wavetrends

    Drink in the sight of this cool, crystal-clear cup. With a size for every occasion, you’ll find an occasion for the use of every size.

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  • Disposable Stemware by | Wavetrends

    Disposable champagne flutes and disposable wine glasses: Wine and dine in style and good spirits with this elegant, elongated, exclusive design. The curve adds verve to this high-gloss glass and is sure to leave your guests impressed.

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  • Football Catering Bowl | by Cube Plastics


    Lids: vented, anti-fog and custom embossed.

    Container: white, clear and Pantone color matching

    ***Also available in bulk packs***

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  • Grab and Go Takeout Boxes | by Colpac

    Clasp Seal Trays come in 4 designs that can be used for a variety of Grab-n-Go items:

    • Baguette sandwiches
    • Sub sandwiches
    • Flat bread sandwiches
    • Sliders
    • Kaiser roll sandwiches
    • Cinnamon rolls
    • Bakery goods
    • Tortilla wraps
    • Bread sandwiches
    • Bun sandwiches

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  • HFA Extra Deep Half & Full Size Steam Table Pans

    HFA has revolutionized the aluminum steam table segmentwith new, Tru-Fit™ sizes* designed for optimal fit, enhanced capacity and ideal performance!


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  • HFA Full Curl Steam Table Lids

    Full Curl Lids Now Available in Both Full Size & Half Size


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  • HFA Full Size and Half Size Extra Deep Aluminum Steam Table Pans for Catering

    The world’s first EXTRA-DEEP full and 1/2 steam table pans with patent pending TRU-FIT™ design technology.  Traditional 1/2 size extra deep pan is too tall for traditional full size pan.  Traditional full size pan is too shallow to allow additional capacity.

    • Tru-Fit™ patent pending design technology
    • Reconstructed for better nesting of 1/2 size steam pans
    • Larger capacity = greater efficiency and less labor to replenish food
    • Ready to go packaging and better presentation
    • Now allows for full lid to cover entire package.

    Tru-Fit™ design extended to full line of industry’s leading items. HFA has revolutionized the aluminum steam table segment with new, Tru-Fit™ sizes* designed for optimal fit, enhanced capacity and ideal performance.

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  • Imperial Dade - Kids Product Line

    Keep kids active at the table, not all over the restaurant.  Kids' products provide entertainment and a positive dining experience for the whole family

    • Theme Cups
    • Crayons
    • Placemats (Mixed Theme Full Color Activity Sheets- 4 Themes)

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