What's In a Name

Imperial Dade offers custom printing, embossing and imaging on many of our everyday-use food packaging containers, including green food packaging and promotional items.

Custom logo'd cups, napkins etc. enhance your brand and encourage repeat customers. A logo on your food packaging containers adds marketing value to each item that leaves your restaurant, turning every order into a moving advertisement!

Increase profits with customized eco-friendly food packaging containers and traditional food packaging containers.

  • American Roadside Burgers Cup
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  • BioPak SmartServ Food Containers
    SmartServ® to-go containers will keep your entrees hot and fresh. Just fill the container full and close the flaps. They will not leak, are grease resistant, microwavable, and the one piece constructions means no lid required, which reduces inventory.

    Your entrees will still be fresh and hot in SmartServ® containers, and your takeout will never be better. SmartServ is made from a sustainable natural resource; and the best part is, per unit, it is cost effective versus other takeout packaging.
    Custom printing is available.

    SmartServ® containers can be used for:
    Rice dishes
    Cajun dishes
    Pasta dishes
    Deli salads
    Noodle dishes
    Fish & Chips
    Chinese dishes
    Chicken Tenders
    French Fries


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  • GreenBox Pizza Box

    The GreenBox pizza box (featured on ABC’s Shark Tank, CBS’s Rachael Ray Show etc.) is a multi-functional, eco-friendly pizza box that transforms into four plates & a handy container for leftovers, eliminating the need for wasteful storage materials like disposable plates, plastic wrap & aluminum foil.  Our product is available in 10”, 12”, 14”, 16” and 18”, is customizable to any size and can be produced with artwork in up to four colors on either kraft or white. 

    We like to think of it as the pizza box of the 21st century.

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  • Havana Central Restaurant And Bar
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  • IB&P Reusable Shopping Bags

    Customize with your LOGO (up to 8 colors). Made from recycled non-woven heavyweight material. Many sizes and applications available. CALL David for more info.

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  • Independent Can Company Stock & Custom Tin Containers

    Decorative tins are rarely thrown away and are frequently recycled; reused or kept as a collectible. Steel can be recycled indefinitely, without loss of quality. Independent Stock Tin Program 2012 Infinitely Recyclable Tin Packaging Decorative tins are rarely thrown away and are frequently recycled; reused or kept as a collectible. 

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