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Your cuisine tastes great, but unless it is presented and portioned well, customers aren't willing to pay a premium for it! This is one reason restaurants and food service operators from New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC and everywhere in between have come to know and love Imperial Dade. Imperial Dade's sales team is always on the hunt for the latest in creative custom food packaging that shows off our customers' products and increases their profitability. Make yourself unique with custom food packing from The Complete Package!

  • Plant fiber takeout containers, fiber plates, fiber bowls & fiber Catering trays | by World Centric

    World Centric products are foodservice products that meet your sustainability goals. They are non-polluting, non-toxic and environmentally responsible, made from renewable resources and available in custom designs. 

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  • SC Tray Full Line Catalog Boxes and Containers

    SC Tray full line catalog cake and pie boxes, food boxes, specialty and takeout containers: cake boxes, cupcake boxes, pastry boxes, pie boxes, sheet cake boxes, utility boxes, donut boxes, donut trays, specialty boxes, holiday boxes, cake circles, cake pads, window boxes, carry out boxes, carry out barns, ChampPak™, kid’s meal box, lobster box, pizza boxes, sandwich wedge, sausage boxes, patty meat boxes, On-The-Go Carafe™, ChampWare™, food containers, drink carriers, food trays, food tray sleeves, lunch trays, custom packaging.

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  • Side Bar Insert Tray by The Catering Box

    Perforated tear off lid option makes it easy to serve right out of the box! Customization available. Holds up to a maximum of 8 containers. Holds 2 Aluminum Trays and 4 Containers. Starburst diameter 4 1/8”. There are 8 Starburst circles. The Catering Box Side Bar comes shrink wrapped in bundles of 25. Each bundle weighs 20 lbs. and measures 29 3/8” x 42 ¾” x 1 5/8 “. Folded Box Size 21” x 13 ¼” x 4”. 

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  • Solo Bare Recycled Content Hot & Cold Cups

    Clear PET cups made of 20% post consumer PET and coffee cups made of 10% post consumer paper content.

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  • Tork Expressnaps
    Tork Expressnaps will reduce your customers napkin usage, saving you money and valuable landfill space!

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  • Tork Xpressnap Cafe Napkin Dispensing System

    High-capacity, space-saving dispenser offers one-napkin-at-a-time dispensing to reduce cost and improve hygiene. Tork Xpressnap® CaféTM napkin dispensing system reduces napkin usage by 25%. Guaranteed.

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  • Triangular & Square Pizza Takeout Containers by Pactiv

    Pactiv’s Paper pizza clamshells and takeout containers are a perfect fit for every slice! No matter the topping, our moisture-resistant containers ensure pizza stays warm and fresh from the oven to the home. Squares & triangles clamshell containers come in a variety of different sizes and prints.

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  • World Centric Fiber Compostable Bowls, Food Containers, Food Trays

    Products that turn to soil in 90-180 Days. Foodservice products to meet your sustainability goals. We offset your carbon emissions. Custom Designs Available. Innovate social and environmental giving, 25% of profits. Winner of B Corporation.

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We provide packaging for a various amount of foods and products. Hot and cold cups make it easier to take your drink on the go. And our triangular and square pizza containers are great for saving that last slice of pizza.

The Complete Package is a trusted provider in custom food packaging containers. We serve customers across the country, from New York City, to Florida, to LA and will listen to your needs. We understand the hectic the environment around a restaurant or food service operation can be and we are help to ease some of your worries and concerns. If you have any questions about our custom food packing containers and how they can help you, please contact us today.